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Nail Services and Pricing

Gel Nail Application

We only use Bio Sculpture Gel which is certified for safety and efficiency with a five star safety rating. Bio Sculpture Gel is the must have nail product. It is applied to your nails without fumes, odours, or dust and it dries instantly under UV light. Bio Sculpture Gel adds strength and length to your nails with lasting non-chip permanent colour, no lifting or cracking, and the flexible glossy finish that you are looking for. This one of a kind system lasts three to four weeks that is easy to remove, safe, and there will be no damage done to your natural nail.

Gel Overlays

      Clear $40.00

      Colour $45.00

      French $50.00

Clear and Colour Gel Fill $35.00

Colour Change $45.00

Sculpted Extensions $55.00

      (Full Set/includes overlay)

French Sculpted Extensions $65.00

      (Full Set)

Gel Toes $40.00

Silk or Extension Added to Nail $5.00/nail

Nail Art (*prices may vary) $1.00/nail

Nail Repair $5.00/nail

Gel Removal $35.00

Manicures and Pedicures

Relax and pamper your hands and feet with a manicure and a pedicure. All manicures and pedicures start off with a luxurious Potpourri Aqua Soak. Your nails will be shaped, cuticles will be cared for, and you will enjoy a massage followed by a polish application. Treat yourself by adding one of our exfoliant scrub treatments and a Mint Moisture Mask.

Mini Manicure $15.00

      (mini massage, base coat/colour)

Basic Manicure $25.00

      (massage, base coat/colour)

Spa Manicure $35.00

      (exfoliant, mask, massage, base coat/colour)

Mini Pedicure $30.00

       (mini massage, base coat/colour)

Basic Pedicure $50.00

      (callus removal, massage, base coat/colour)

Spa Pedicure $65.00

(callus removal, exfoliant, mask, massage, base coat/colour)


       Mask $5.00

       Exfoliant $5.00

       French Application $5.00

       Nail Art (*prices may vary) $1.00/nail

       Gel Toes Added to Pedicure $20.00


       Mini Mani/Pedi $40.00

       Basic Mani/Pedi $70.00

       Spa Mani/Pedi $90.00

Do you like any of the products used in your treatment? Ask us about our retail items!

Nails To Go

Ever wanted to have any of the above services but don't want to leave the comfort of your own home? What about surprising a co-worker at the office? Nailed It! Nail Designs offers "Nails to Go" services. Let us take care of the hassle at let us come to you! We will travel anywhere within the Greater Victoria area for an additional cost. Please contact us for more details.

**Prices do not include taxes.

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